Getting ready for MQX … and … life gets in the way


I saw these signs on the beach this weekend and had to take a picture. One is blank. And the top of the other sign is missing completely. That’s just so typical of what some days are like for me. I have no idea why things happen. I’m looking for signs of hidden meaning and the lessons are either unknown to me or missing completely. Hence the photo.

Yesterday was like that. I picked my son up from college. A young lady, who was driving her grandpa’s van for the day and late for class, backed into me. It was clearly not my fault; I could see her. I stopped. I honked twice. However because we were both backing up, I’m not sure that we won’t be held equally responsible. It basically sucks for everyone involved.

So today my plan was (is) to get ready for the Machine Quilter’s Exposition in Providence, Rhode Island. I will leave early tomorrow and be back on Friday evening. I’m taking eight lectures covering neat subjects like thread, batting and trapunto. So I’ll be off-line for a couple of days … but doing lots of learning to share. Thankfully I don’t have to pack my sewing machine or any materials for classes.

It appears that I’ll be spending some of today with my insurance agent and trying to settle matters relating to this accident. That’s in addition to homeschooling my kids, taking my daughter to the doctor, doing some shopping for her birthday, and packing! I hate it when life gets in the way of my quilting!


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