Read the directions, stupid


So Quilting Arts Magazine (my favorite, by the way) had a challenge. Here were the rules:

  • You’re invited to enter the 2011 Quilting Arts Magazine Calendar Contest, with the theme “Flavor of the Month.”
  • Does the thought of July make you want to bite into a cold, sweet slice of watermelon? Does the smell of cinnamon make you long for a piece of Grandma’s Thanksgiving pie? When you think of April, can you taste drops of rain on your tongue? What flavor does each month of the year conjure up for you? Show us in stitch, surface design, fiber, and embellishments your favorite “Flavor of the Month.”

I immediately decided to enter. I swear … I read the rules, several times. I pictured a non-traditional entry, with the smell of sun block and bug spray, offset against the smell of sand and the ocean. I REALLY worked hard on this. The sun block is all free motioned, and the sun is beaded. Then it’s painted.

The bug spray has a beaded spider, and then paint globs, with beads to emphasize the globs. The plant is has a variety of techniques, with individually appliqued leaves and then a hand-beaded vase. The sand is hand stitched. I free-motioned the sky and water, then used angelina fiber for added shine.

And then there’s the window sill. It’s heavily thread painted … plus painted with fabric paint. And I have my beaded sunglasses. All offset by my beautiful cheesecloth curtains threaded through some beads.

To be honest … I wasn’t in love with this piece. (And my family thought it totally sucked. Thanks, gang.)

But here’s the problem. “Flavor” means “taste.” I didn’t get that until I read the list of winners. Somehow, I missed the boat and was thinking “smell” instead of “taste.” I’m sure the editors at Quilting Arts Magazine were wondering what kind of moron enjoyed the taste of bug spray and sun block. Maybe that’s why this whole thing never quite came together for me.

Oh well. Live and learn. I really did learn a lot doing this piece.


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