New York City Quilt


Sorry, folks. Once again this isn’t the best photography in the world. I’m working on my camera skills.

I made this quilt for my friend Parvathy, who lives in NYC. I used commercial fabrics showing the NYC subway, taxicabs, the NYC skyline, and the lights of Broadway. I also added some fabric of the night sky. Then I sewed the pieces together, and sliced and diced until I had a product that I liked.

It still didn’t look right, so I did some more slicing and dicing, adding the triangular pieces that showed the Broadway fabric. This is especially brilliant (if I do say so myself), given that Broadway Avenue is on an angle.

This quilt was quick and fun to make. I did absolutely no planning. So I was rather disappointed to see the traffic jam of taxis along the left side of the quilt. However, as Parvathy pointed out, she has seen many traffic jams of taxis from her 39th story apartment building — so maybe it was meant to be. I outlined each of the panels individually with machine quilting.

I used panels of subway fabric along the sides, and taxi fabric along the bottom, to complete the piece. To make it even more authentic, I finished sewing on the sleeve on the Long Island Railroad, during my trip into NYC to present it to her! The finished piece is about 30″ x 16″. It was a complete surprise — and she loved it!


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