AQS Shuttle Bus Saga


I really don’t understand the wisdom of a convention center with very little parking … but that seems to be the deal in Lancaster. There are a few downtown lots, but the info we got showed very few spots. I’m rather “directionally challenged,” so I chose to take the shuttle buses.

First let me say that this was all very frustrating. My hotel was less than 2 miles from downtown. Having to catch a shuttle bus vs. driving is a pain when you have a car … but let’s pretend I am a good sport.

Thursday morning I drove to the designated parking lot and paid my $5.00. I arrived about 8:00 with lots of time to be downtown for the 9:00 AM show opening. Other people had been waiting awhile, and they were anxious to get to their 8:30 classes.

The bus showed up about 8:20. Apparently there was a 7:30 shuttle, but the buses were only running every 45 minutes.  The bus driver, who was incredibly nice, explained that the shuttles were only running every 45 minutes. We got to the convention center at 8:55 AM. Not a happy group! (Quilters, as a whole, like to be early for their classes.) I spoke to one of the organizers and he said the shuttles were supposed to be running every 30 minutes.

Later that day, I caught the shuttle, got my car,  and drove to the other shuttle parking area at Liberty Place. I decided to look at the vendors, and then catch the shuttle back to the convention center for the 7:00 PM speaker. I’m sitting in the shuttle at 6:00 PM. Another shuttle pulls up. Then another. The drivers are all there … but they’re waiting for relief drivers. Apparently they’ve put in their 10 hours and are not legally allowed to drive anymore.  I decided that I’d been patient enough for one day, and drove my car from then on.

PS: The next day, when I was back at Liberty Place around 6:00 PM, I saw four buses gathered in the same spot. I’m guessing that it was either a bus convention or they were once again waiting for relief drivers.


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