Sauder’s Fabrics (Denver, PA)


I pulled up at this modest, ranch brick home and thought I was in the wrong place. Other than a parking lot  on  one side and the sign on the front lawn, there was no evidence of the “more than 25,000 bolts of fabric” advertised in my Quilter’s Travel Companion.

But look for the sign! It leads down a set of concrete steps to this huge underground quilt shop. I’m sure there are 25,000 bolts of fabric … plus notions, batting, patterns, books — and a general store with lots of food. Best of all, the fabric was about $6.49 a yard! Plus there were tables of remnants in 2.5 and 5 yard packages for much better prices.

The store is very low-tech. All of the women I saw working there were Mennonite. They measured the fabric, wrote the cost on a piece of masking tape which they affixed to the fabric, and then you went to the front to pay. No scanners in sight.


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