Please God, not food poisoning


I started to feel sick to my stomach during the Eleanor Burns lecture on Thursday evening. Well it was just the beginning. I will spare you the details of the next 36 hours. I have never been that sick. And to be alone, in a hotel room, 5 hours away from my family was not something I wish to repeat.

I missed lectures and classes on Friday. I was still pretty sick when I checked out of the hotel on Saturday morning.

I am a tough cookie, however. I had a new sewing machine to pick up at 2:00 PM on Saturday.

Thanks to the wonders of Immodium and ginger ale, I made it through 2 lectures on Saturday. I got my sewing machine. I made it home safely. It took me 4 more days to recover.

I can cross “food poisoning” off my bucket list. I NEVER want to go through that again.


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