Old Country Store, Intercourse, PA












First of all, who could resist saying they’d visited the town of “Intercourse?”

This is a cool store. It has much more than fabric, although they did have a nice selection. They had a great selection of patterns, books, crafts and apothecary-type foods. According to their ads, you can find crafts from more than 300 local Amish and Mennonite craftspersons.

Plus they had a big banner on the side of the store welcoming the “AQS quilters” which I thought was awesome.

I apologize for the horrible quality of this photo, but it shows the gift shop upstairs. The Old Country Store also has a quilt museum, which is really lovely. They have  a small (but really nice) collection, and a GREAT gift shop. Loads of books, lots of neat quilt-related items to spend your money on. Unfortunately it was closing as I got there … but it was beautifully laid-out and definitely worth a visit.

I’m not very comfortable taking pictures … I did ask the sales clerk but didn’t want to take a lot of time to compose the shot (obviously). You’ll have to take my word for it.


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