My sewing machine awaits …


Less than a year ago, I bought this little sewing machine (right) at a quilt show. It’s small, simple, and was inexpensive. I didn’t know that I would love quilting so much … and it’s served me so well. The big problem is that the throat size is very small, so I can’t “stuff” anything through it. As long as I want to quilt table runners, I’m okay. There’s other issues too, in terms of stitch variability and regulation, but that was one of the big ones.

So now I have my new machine (on the left.) The throat size is many times larger. It has five times as many stitches, and is much more adaptable to the kinds of threads I want to use. The weird thing? I’m kind of emotionally stuck. There’s been a bunch of stuff I haven’t tried because I haven’t had a good enough machine. It’s been a nice excuse. I knew my machine was holding me back. I even had a teacher tell me that a few weeks ago. In some ways it was frustrating … but it was also kind of comforting too.

So now I don’t have any excuses. I have the machine I need. I can learn to do bobbin stitching. I can adjust the tension. I can actually put in an embroidery hoop and not have it hit the sides, or have to take off the shaft every time I have to take the hoop out. But I’m feeling a little bit anxious. That other machine was so safe. I liked my 20 stitches and my many limitations. I actually haven’t used my new machine yet. It’s just sitting there. Waiting. With all it’s stitches and potential.

Wish me luck.


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