Linda J. Hahn


“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” was the title of this lecture. I guess Linda Hahn, a former paralegal — and now full-time quilter — didn’t take her own advice!

She was very informative. Many in the audience were looking for full-time careers as teachers, long-arm quilters and quilt shop owners. It became quickly evident that this may not be an easy way to earn buckets of money. However she had good ideas for self promotion, and for realistic ideas of getting business — and what the business is really like. One of her best suggestions was to ask a traveling teacher what they carry in their suitcase, to get an idea of how they pack. She also talked a great deal about being professional. Linda is the author of a book on quilting careers.


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  1. Don’t ask me how I came across this blog – I was looking for something else and found you. I hope that means you enjoyed the presentation!! Wish I had more time to delve in a little deeper.

    Best of luck on YOUR quilting career!


    • Actually, I loved your presentation. I’m also starting a long arm business shortly … something I hadn’t expected to do … and I’ve been thinking a lot about some of your comments recently.

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