Eleanor Burns Lecture


I will admit that I never saw the “Eleanor Burns Show,” despite the fact that it ran for 23 years on PBS.  But this woman has so much charm, and she’s so incredibly warm and funny, I can imagine that she would be a superstar on any channel.

She wandered into the audience about 30 minutes before the show started. She was eating a sandwich (you can see her unwrapping) it and answered questions. Somebody asked her if she’d ever remarried and she said, “No. I’ve just lived in sin for 28 years.” She was very candid about her life. Her eldest son, now 35, is in charge of her “Quilt in a Day” empire and was with her. You could tell that the two of them had a wonderful relationship. She passed around pictures of her grandchildren and talked easily about many aspects of her life.

Eleanor does not seem to be a quilting snob. Her patterns are easy and fun. She frequently mentions “quilting with her credit card” which means that she pays somebody else to do the quilting once the top is complete. She performed a magic show, did some singing, and even managed to pass on some decent technical hints.

I have to say … I was very impressed with this lady. Her quilts are not ones that are to my taste, but I love her energy and humor — and how much she makes people want to quilt.


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