Burkholder’s Fabrics (Denver, PA)


If I ever got trapped in a fabric store and had to live there — this would be the store I’d choose. It’s absolutely beautiful and the selection is amazing. The website says more than 12,000 bolts.

The front room had a lot of blenders (fusions, that kind of thing) where you had a multitude of tones to choose front. It was overwhelming and I wanted to buy everything. My mind was spinning with ideas, especially with their vast selections of grays and taupes.

The back of the store had a great selection of novelties and flannels.

I’m embarrassed to say that I left without making a purchase. But I thought about what I was going to buy, during the entire week I was in Lancaster, and was determined to make a stop on my way home. (That was until I got food poisoning and could barely drive the 5 hours back to Long Island — and even then I had to talk myself out of a quick stop for fabric.) I promise that I will get back to this store as soon as I can make it.


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