Getting ready for a show


I leave tomorrow for the quilt show in Lancaster, PA. I like to call this Quiltopia! Classes, lectures, vendors, beautiful quilts, a hotel room to myself … what more could a quilt lover want?

However, I must admit that I find getting ready for these shows very stressful. I’m taking four classes, and they all involve different supplies — fabrics, threads, embellishments, freezer paper, markers, rulers, tapes, and other weird and wonderful supplies. It’s hard enough choosing fabric for a yet-unseen project, and I never seem to bring the right fabric. But it’s the other stuff that’s really hard.

I think I’m the queen of forgetting things to classes. Let’s see … I’ve forgotten batting, a design board, and the proper feet for my sewing machine, among other things. (Although I must admit I’ve never forgotten the power cord to my sewing machine, like the poor soul sitting behind me in the last class.) As I glance at my desk I see I’ve neglected to add my tackle box with my thread and scissors to my tote bag … oops. That could have been a disaster.

This show is particularly annoying because there is very little parking by the convention center. So they are shuttling us from the parking lot to the venue. This means that there’s no opportunity to use my car as a staging area … switching fabric between classes, or stashing a snack in my car to avoid carrying it around. Fortunately they are providing sewing machines, so I’m not lugging my Janome along with my rulers, fabrics and BSS (basic sewing supplies). Or at least I HOPE I read the instructions properly and they are supplying machines.

Notice I haven’t mentioned packing clothes. That’s the easy part!


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