Paper piecing, take 3


So I must explain my sudden obsession with paper piecing. For some unknown reason (I blame everything these days on my menopausal brain), I signed up for 2 classes next week in intermediate and advanced paper piecing.  Unfortunately, I didn’t notice they required paper piecing skills — I just liked the project. So …. the last couple of days have been a crash course in paper piecing.

The only real tough part are the first couple pieces. Today, thanks to a chat with my mom (a long time quilter), I realized that I was trying to sew piece #1 without attaching it to piece #2. So I think I’ve finally realized the error in my ways and am on the road to happy piecing. Or at least not humiliating myself next week with classmates who are first-class piecers.


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  1. Congratulations on figuring out paper piecing, it’s one of the more challenging aspects of quilting.

    Also congratulations on the start of your blog, I look forward to seeing your future adventures in quilting.


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